“Having worked in construction for over 40 years, I was struck by the hidden art that the worker, equipment and job sites could reveal.

I chose to paint a series of construction scenes that reveal this art to us all, using structure, form, and light.

My work attempts to convey the strength and energy of a moment in time, a routine task, or equipment either at rest or in motion.

My work attempts to illuminate unknown or overlooked moments on the construction site by demonstrating typical construction scenes or activities in a fine art format.”

- Robert Cotnoir

ArtistStudio72When not painting, Robert enjoys ice hockey, hot rods, automobile design, blues, country, classical music, and opera, playing the guitar, and the Outer Cape.

Robert was inspired by his high school art teacher, Dr. Dodds, and by his mother, Rosemarie.


Museum of Modern Art 

Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Provincetown Art Association 

New York Botanical Garden 

The Bronx Zoo 

Mount Vernon Art Association

Wave Hill 

Wainwright House 

Historic Hudson Valley 

Bonneville Salt Flats Racing Association 

Art and Flowers 

Grapefruit Sound Lab