RCFAPortraitThere is no single way to paint. My process is not to copy exactly what I see, but to modify it in some way. My work can best be described as off-beat and unusual. I am inspired by steel and structure, and I am comfortable working in both oil and acrylic. I am self-taught, and paint for the joy of the creative process. In addition to my more traditional still lifes and landscapes, and having worked in construction for over forty years, I was struck by the hidden art that the worker, equipment, and job sites could reveal. I choose to paint construction sites and industrial scenes that reveal this art to us all, using structure, form, and light. And my love of the classic American automobile has inspired me even further. My work endeavors to convey the strength and energy of a moment in time, a routine task, or machinery either at rest or in motion a fine art format. Thank you for visiting and enjoy.

-Robert Cotnoir